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79 620 wiring issues.

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So I picked up a 79 620 been sitting for about 12yrs in Arizona. Had some chewed up wires from a dog getting to hanging wires. Got all that fixed or so I thought. Can't get any power to anything except power door locks and alarm. Any help or ideas of what to look for would help. Thanks

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Soak fuse box & switches & relays (open them up) in plain old white vinegar for a few days, then clean, regrease switches where necessary, check ALL grounds etc.  Replace both turnsignal & hazard flashers with heavy duty ELECTRONIC flasher units, not the original "point style".  If 2 terminal, AutoZone "Novita" brand part #EL12 for both.  Sorry, don't have the part # if 3 terminal, but Novita does offer!  Chasing electrical gremlins sucks!! 😣

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do this first!!!!!!!!!

pull the light switch and does the headlamps come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO go to fusable link wire at the starter. Is it there? then replace all the fuses. try again.


how about a photo of the engine bat and the wire hook ups?


You never told us the fix on the other truck yet? you was working on

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I got rid of that truck ( my chop top) I bought this 79. I put the engine tranny out if the 74 into the 79. Now dealing with electrical issues. I will post pics tomorrow Hainz. Maybe you can guide me in the right direction. Either that or I swap out wire harness from the 74. 

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I might have a 78 or 79 620 dash harness. The 74 will be not be the same since the harnesses changed through the years.

74- Points vs 78/79- Electronics.

Thinking off the top of my head, it's a 78 cause electronic box mounted inside the cab. Will check it out today. PM me if interested.  



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