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Can I swap a 280z 75 into a Datsun 620 75

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Hello everyone I’m very new to Datsuns and projects like these I looked everywhere for answers but I’m not sure if it’s possible but can I put a 1975 Datsun 280z into a 1975 Datsun 620. I’m wondering if it will be a direct bolt on with no fabrication. Also will I need to change the drive train or anything of that sort please if possible I would like to know everything I have todo. I would much appreciate thx you. 

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Your question is not very clear. Are you asking if you can swap the entire engine and transmission or do you also want to swap in the brakes and rearend?


The quick answer is that only the transmission is the same between those two. You can bolt in the transmission and I believe the 1975 620 used the long tail 5-speed so it should work. Some 620 trucks did have a slightly shorter transmission.


The 620 truck has a 4-cyl L20b

The 280Z has an inline six cylinder L28 and the L28 is much longer so would not 'fit' in the engine bay.


...now, there are a couple cases were someone put the L28 into a 620 truck. In either case you will be doing a lot of fabricating. You will need custom made engine mounts, need to remove the radiator, have to cut areas of the truck's frame and re-weld it further forward and/or lower. It is a lot of work. The radiator hoses would then need to be routed back to the bed where the radiator sits.


A large 4-cyl or small V6 might be a better swap. If you want something bolt-in, then think about the KA24DE. We do have a guy on Ratsun that makes mounts for the engine and transmission. If you buy those mounts, you can bolt in the KA24DE engine and transmission. I don't have any experience with that swap but several people have done it using his pieces.

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An L 6 cylinder is 7.5" or 190mm longer than the L20B. The rad has to go or the engine moved back into the firewall this amount and this is a terrible idea. Add to the above a custom made oil pan and pick up tube. What is the gain 40-50 HP??? and a boat anchor of added weight on the front end. A KA24E or KA24DE is 140 hp and it fits!!!!!


To answer your question YES it can be done. Should it be done? Several have tried and then quietly disappeared which to me says they gave up and the truck was beyond saving and scrapped. I wouldn't.

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