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I'm too lazy for a build thread, but I passed a milestone today


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Took a day off work today, and exhumed my 620 from the shed, and dropped it off at the paint shop.  I'm fizzing so hard I wanted to share.

Old mate should get it sprayed this weekend. He made a really nice job of the doors last weekend.




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The right hand side door is so clean you can see the bonnet in the reflection of the paint. That would have been done last weekend too, but it he said it wasnt quite up to his standard. Which is awesome I guess. (Untill I gotta pay the bill! Lol)

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Got these pics sent to me yesterday arvo.


And as I post this, it's back in the booth getting the final colour baked. In about 45 mins I'll get shooting round to a mates ace to borrow a car trailer, and ill be collecting it!






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Good news and bad news. 

He shoveled on a huge amount of paint,  and it came up amazing with F- all orange peel. But after it was baked, some runs showed up. Hes pretty gutted, since he spent 8 hours blocking the cab down yesterday filling all the standing Mark's etc. 

Also when he unmasked it, it put a wee smear in the roof. 

So I left it at his work, and hes going .redo it again tomorrow.

The light in his spray booth doesnt do the colour justice. (They affectionately refer to that booth as "the dungeon" where he works) but here's a few pictures anyway.






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And shes back home.

Painter still needs to shoot the bonnet. And he'll come back and buff out a "paint depth indicator" when he drops the Bonnet off.

I'm pretty happy with the results.




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