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clutch assembly

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The Z24 engines all used a 240mm pressure plate so yes a D21 KA-E or KA-DE will fit (but so will the 280zx turbo and the 300zx non turbo but you won't need that much). I would also get the matching release collar just in case. I think Exedy has a replacement.


If flywheel is gouged by clutch disc rivets have it milled. If flat but shiny block sand it with 180 grit to break the glaze. 

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Buy the exedy flywheel,  clutch throwout bearing and collar kit. Everything matches, no chinese crap. If you drive sanly don't worry for the next 150k. Also when doing a clutch replace master and slave cylinder. These are wear parts meant to be replaced when the clutch is. Low on cash do what you need to but if you can and want reliability throw those parts on.

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If you can find made in Japan clutch and slave masters. The shit that passes for clutch and slaves today is a waste of time buying. They're junk and they are cheap.


...and no, when the clutch and PP is replaced you do not have to replace the master or slave or the flywheel.... you can, but but it's an unnecessary expense if you get good ones and the cheap ones will fail sooner than if you left the factory ones in. Besides these two parts are easy to get at and change unlike a flywheel. Don't fix what isn't broken. The flywheel may need resurfacing yes.

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get a EXEDY brand clutch kit for your vehicle


you can have a machine shop surface the flywheel for you



I know you want us to find the link for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




they have the stag 1 and 2 also  Exedy but I would not think you need that.

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