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410 restoration


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I am thinking of restoring a Datsun 410 with an E1 engine. I am only a noobie to these cars and any help would be appreciated!


Questions I'm asking myself:

-Engine is running at the minute but will it last long and if it breaks down will it be easy fix.

-Can chrome bumpers with with rust holes in them be repaired?

-What lowering springs/coilovers suit these cars?

-Can you add camber to the car

-Are parts available anywhere at the minute, its proving hard to find parts!

-Are the electrics simple on the car?


Thanks in advance !


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Engine depends on how it's been maintained through it's life. They aren't very powerful so they do last a long time. All I can say is if iit's running it will porobably keep running if looked after.


I guess they could be welded and then re-chromed but expen$ive. Weld and paint silver? A rare replacement would be better.


Not familiar with the 410. Someone else?


Again not familiar. Does the 410 have struts?


This car is 55? years old. Parts will be a problem on short notice. Ask on here, find others and see what they do. Some things might fit from a newer vehicle.


Wiring would be very simple but age (corrosion) makes it difficult. Others may have messed with it also.

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Mike, these are dual A-Arm cars.


You can get lowered roadster springs or trim a coil or two for lowering. You will get camber from this... but I don't think that should be a goal.

The rear can be lowered with blocks.


These cars are very simple, but do require maintenance and care especially due to their age. . 

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The 410 and 411 parts manual are on this site.  Download and use.  Yes, any vehicle 57 years old no longer has manufacturer support, but a keen eye in the junk yard will yield substitute parts.  I have a Kia Sephia engine water outlet on my RL411 for example.  I had to ream the mounting bolt holes from metric to the slightly larger SAE but it is a virtual clone of the Datsun part. 


The electrical system is indeed simple as long as you respect the open circuit attachment possibility inherent in glass bodies fuses.  They look good but the solder joint to the end caps fails under vibration.

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Ha... worked on the car line at GM. Frame was loaded on the line upside down and my job was to install the studs and press them into the frame, then slip the upper control arm over the studs, pull towards me and spin the nuts on, push it away against the nuts and repeat. The next guy put the shims on and tightened. Geez that was the '73 Chev, Pontiac, Chev Pontiac wagons and Monte Carlo.

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On 1/27/2021 at 5:30 AM, MikeRL411 said:

Yes, negative ground.


If its a 410 it would be positive ground. Not a negative ground. 


I just had the suspension rebuilt in my 410. They re-tensioned the rear leaf spings, replaced the shocks and re tensioned the front springs. Electrics are super simple on the 410. Only thing is it has had 56 years of people messing with the electrics. When i bought my 410 i could count at least 6 wires that were cut and are hanging. Another thing to note is the 410/411 comes with a generator not an alternator. 


Finding springs suitable to lower the car might be tricky. My suspensions was modified to make the car lower in someones garage.

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Love to see some photos of your 410 😊

One of the biggest issues with restoring/fixing these cars is trying to find parts (at affordable prices!). The searching is an adventure in itself! 

Ratsun has been very helpful both online and on Facebook.  The 410/411 group on f/b is also a good resource.


Good luck on your journey.


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