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Broken Torsion Bar


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Just wondering what the procedure would be to replace a broken torsion bar.  I  am guessing jack front end up to specified height, remove broken bar, replace then tighten enough to support the front end to the specified height. 1984 720 4x4.

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Yup.  Raise truck off ground.  Control arm side should pull out unless corroded in place.  Undo the foot long bolt that tightens the torsion bar.  Install new torsion bar.  Likely have to install it a few times to get the clocking correct.  Slather the splines in anti sieze before install.


I have a set of stock torsion bars i can sell you if needed. Just send me Pm if interested.

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How in the wide world of sports did you brake a torsion bar?????



Raise truck let front wheel dangle by it's own weight.



'Bleach' said:

How to Reindex Torsion Bars


in front of the middle crossmember, you pull the boot forward to reviel the lock ring




Work a thin screwdriver into the edge of the ring. It will be tight. I had to work the angle back and forth while occasionally tapping the back of the handle with a hammer




Once you get under the ring, work it out slightly. Do not pull the screwdriver away or the ring will pop back on




After you have worked it off part way, use some pliers to pull the ring off the rest of the way. Be sure to still keep the screwdriver under the lock ring




Tap the rear arm of that holds the adjuster bolt out of the crossmember. Hang onto the torsion bar. It can slide out at either end. I was able to feel the splines in the end of the bar and I moved it two notches. edit:(but you only want to move it one notch!) The reindexed bar is on the right.




after the bar is reindexed, just hold the lock ring up and hit the back of the ring with a hammer. It pops on real easy. Put the dust boot back



Nice pic's of the snap ring Bleach smile.gif



Picture added by datzenmike 21/04/10:






 This is for a 620 but similar.


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