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180/240sx knuckles on a '80 A10?

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Hello! I've had my '80 Datsun 510 for a good year as my daily driver, and it only really has one issue, that being the insanely soft suspension. I rebuilt my front struts and installed new shocks in the rear, but that didn't help as much as I'd like. More importantly, the front suspension has an unknown issue. I'm not sure if it's missing a bearing or if something's loose up there, but while turning the wheel I'll hear a meaty "thud" from the front right strut, and the spring on that side doesn't really like staying in place either. I've tried rebuilding that side multiple times following guides I've found on here, and it all goes to plan, but the end result is the same. I saw a post from a while back of a guy asking if he could swap 180sx lower control arms onto his A10, but that got me thinking, could I just bolt on a 180 knuckle to my lower ball joint? That way I could just use the standard bolt on front struts rather than the ones I have, which combine the knuckle and strut into one expensive and hard to fix part. I guess the spindles would be different and by the end I may have to swap out the front brakes entirely, and who knows maybe then my stock wheels won't fit so I'll have to get new ones. Is there an late 70s / early 80s knuckle that would have the same spindle and allow me to use the bolt on style front struts? Thank you!  

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your clunk your strut top hat bearing is effed. your easiest and bolt on fix is to find a complete set of 280zx struts and brakes and put the whole assembly in it. 


you can use s13 stuff if you get the knuckle, brakes, strut, top hat basically the whole assembly. i think it will go on the stock ball joint (check it out). you may have to use an adjustable height outer tie rod end to get the bump steer back in check.


you will also need new s13 front brake hoses, the stock ones aint gonna work. you may also need to upsize your master cylinder to get enough fluid flow with the larger front brakes.

if your this far in it would wise to put in new ball joints, bushings, replace the bushings in the idler arm, etc.

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Can you post a picture of what you have for a strut.  So what exactly do you have for a strut??? Must be after market.


Bump steer is lessened or removed by adding spacers between the steering knuckle and the bottom of the strut. This moves the tie rod back into a horizontal position and eliminates the cause of the bump steer.

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