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Project Datsun Dragster

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Where to begin. I've been racing the SBC powered 280Z, every other year, for 6 years now. 5 final rounds. 3 wins, 2 runners up. In 2019, I raced at Mission Raceway in BC for the season, and gave Pro bracket a try. 3rd place, 1 point behind 2nd, when the trans came apart. Done for the year. It's fixed and ready for battle, but I bought this dragster as a roller and struggled with what direction to got for 2+ years, until the light came on. L20b/ shorty Glide. I've already done a ton of work, (and spent a ton of $$) so I will post up some pics to try to catch up. Here we go.



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Rear wheels were 14 inches wide. Too wide for a 4 banger. Narrowed 5 inches and welded up. 

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Rear end mounts were total shit. So I cut them out and made new ones. Including making a fixture to redrill housing flanges.




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ATI made the mate up possible. The torque converter was $1300 alone, so there’s no turning back now.


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I have a 2340cc (90x92) that was in a 521 that I raced several years ago. I’m starting with an L20, and I will put the bigger one in when I get it sorted out. See Project drag 521.



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Since the trans is only 17” long, and the engine is 24” I have about a foot of open space behind me. So I am cutting it out.





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