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It Identifies as a Datsun, Dr30 skyline fun.


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The bumper definitely needs more chin, so the i like spoiler.  However if there is a bumper option that is flatter faced, like an s13 silvia Ks aero, that would be nicest in my opinion.  


I dont care for the swoop at the back of the skirt.  They line doesnt match the rest of the vehicle which is more squared.

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Lockleaf, there is a better airdam out there i like but im not sure im willing to drop 1k on it yet with shipping from japan being as bad as it is currently.

Ill pull the side skirts and take a couple pics. 


Thanks guys good input.

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10 minutes ago, Lozer said:

Lockleaf, there is a better airdam out there i like but im not sure im willing to drop 1k on it yet with shipping from japan being as bad as it is currently.



I understand that completely.  I can't spend a grand on a bumper.  If I could, I would love to run the S13 Aero stuff on my sil80, but thats not in the cards.

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On 5/18/2021 at 9:14 PM, Lozer said:

As per request no skirts with air dam






Wait a minute! Is the lettering on the bumper backwards? Did you flip the negative?

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9 hours ago, Racer X 69 said:





Wait a minute! Is the lettering on the bumper backwards? Did you flip the negative?


LOL no thats the way it came from japan.  I love the reverse turbo on the old bmw 2002 So when I saw they had one for this it was an instant go.

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Hi all, so updates. The ac pump I rebuilt was awesome for about 10 minutes then the reed/check valve decided it was to old to work. Luckily the local oreilleys is awesome and let me order 3 different compressors to compare. Should have a/c by next week..... or not.

Had to remove the strut bar to fit the low pressure line back in.


Sunday im going to the Vault cars and cofee at Blackhawk museum if anyone wants to meet up. Gonna take the kid and actually hit the museum too, should be cool 


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So the blackhawk event was kinda fun got to meet some other car owners and saw a couple 510s. The car drove great and my kid was a blast to hang out with. 

My front left tire was flat when i got there so that kinda sucked. I always bring my tools and a 12v pump with me (datsun trained) so it was less of an issue then it could have been. 

I hated those yokohama s-drive tires, they turned to grease after a little heat and more then one time I spun out because they sucked (couldn't be me). I ordered a set of hankook rs-4s due to the flat and the front left tires sidewall most likely being trashed.




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Spelling hawd
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Hey all, its been a minute.

On 6/14/2021 at 1:22 PM, Icehouse said:

Did you ever get the ECU issue figured out?  Maybe I missed it.  

Yup. It turned out i had multiple bad tps sensors. How the hell could i have 3 bad ones that all failed in similar ways...... ffs.


So i got the a/c sorted by playing mix and match with a bunch of different nissan parts. 85 maxima drier, 83 stanza compressor. Nothing fit perfectly but i used a bigger hammer.

I still need to sort out the trans and diff angle for the 1 piece drive shaft.


Picked up a new wheel to replace my momo that the stitching died on.


Also went to a local "rod and custom" show for fun. 





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So I ordered these back in January and they finally showed up. So fucking rad. Throwing in an alarm system with power locks for my lazy ass too.


d seat..jpg

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With Radwood coming up this week I had some motivation to do some adjustments for driving comfort. The new seat was just a hair too far forward for my tall ass (6'1") so I made a decision and pulled the roll bar and welded up the seat brackets to move the seat 3" back. DAMN so much more comfortable. 

I also got motivated to finally reinstall and sort the 1 piece aluminum driveshaft. Had to do some mod work to a s13 trans mount to lower the trans down .75" so the angle would be within range.  No more vibration @ 75 mph and some of the off throttle noises went away.


Also the fabric for the rear seats showed up.. My upholstery guy says to not expect the seat to be done till fall.  fuck man seats always seem to take forever.


I'll have a butt load of pics from Radwood this weekend.

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Radwood was ... rad. The fam and I had a great time, met some great people and the skyline made it there and back with minimal issues. 


The aluminum driveshaft still is being a bastard, it starts humming/vibrating at 73mph and just get worse. Gonna try angling the diff nose down and see if i can get it right.






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So this got posted. I met Gabe at Radwood and had a great chat with him.





I also took the car to Autox on Saturday and had a blast. I'm pretty sure the rear coilovers are now both blown and I destroyed the rear subframe bushings, which ironically perfectly simulate a late 90 Nissan hicas rear end.

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  • 3 weeks later...

So the front spoiler I ordered finally showed up from Japan, dam thing was almost folded in half. Welp time to break out the glassing tools.\

I also got the windows tinted...... I still have bubbles in the back window so I may need to take it back for the back window.




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