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Windshield Seals / WEATHERSTRIP


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Getting ready to put my current build (85' 720 4x4 kingcab) back together and it badly needs a new windshield and gasket/seal. I saw a post a while ago about sourcing a windshield but I have that covered and thought it would be a good to have a thread on sources for the rubber needed to install them. Back in my 510 days I purchased several seals from datsunlandsocal and they were the best I ever sourced over ebay/amazon ect... Unfortunately, they do not do 720 seals. I have been browsing around the net for 720 seals and the best looking one from a decent looking place so far is: Autocarpets - 1985 Nissan 720 WEATHERSTRIP, WINDSHIELD I have no experience with them but it is my best lead so far... Other recommendations?



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