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New at engine rebuild L16


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Hey guys just updating. I got the head back today and man this mechanic lost my thermostat housing -_-.  It’s all good just another thing I have to figure out. Still waiting on the block. if you guys see anything wrong with the head just by the pictures let me know. Thanks



also do you guys think this is going to be a problem?


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It don't help.

Had to go out into the garage to see what it should look like. You are missing a pretty good chunk! Lay the water pump gasket on there. Your throwing money at this thing. I'd try and find a good frnt cover. But it worked before sooo?

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As long as no hole through the back where coolant can get into the timing chain area and down into the pan it's fine.


Mine looked like this



Nothing a little JB Weld won't fix. It's not critical, it's a water pump. It'll work weather you fix or not.



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Yeh wish mine would have been in that good shape.  I had serious corrosion including holing, thought about jbweld but figured this piece was beyond that.  Making new gaskets for

block /cover interface will use rtv on the head/ oil pan interface. 


would post pics but havn't figured that one out and cant find a tutorial using simple search on this site. how about a some instructions on posting pics or where i can find that info on the site.


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Be sure to use a high in zinc oil to brake in that new cam.  I use the Shell Rotella T4 10W-30.  You can get at Amazon.  Use this for 500 miles then change oil and filter.  Use what oil you choose if not high in zinc the use a zinc oil adative.


Shell Rotella T4 10W-30 engine oil


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thanks although not needed for cam breakin on ohc engines i still use gm eos on the cam before start up.  just makes me feel better that i have that sticky lube on the cam before oil pressure comes up and there's oil circulating throughout.    additionally i use valvoline vr1 all the time.  my newer cars i just use a good grade of whatever mfg calls for, generally castrol   there may are higher zinc oils than vr1 on the market but vr1 is affordable and seems to work good for street use.  

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RE: forum links to info for adding photo's.  all seems too difficult to set up a url so i can stick pics in a folder then reference that site to add photos.  really?  cant find a simpler solution?  Guess i wont be adding photos to discussions on this site. 

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..and yet we all get by with something. Have you tried the ' choose files... ' bottom left when writing a reply? There is a file size limit 4MB. It's said a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometime a picture explains everything and is a great tool to have available.

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On 2/22/2021 at 12:50 PM, Figbuck said:

Did you get pistons? Is the machinist supplying you pistons, rings and bearings? 

Yea u got pistons. 280zx flat top 86mm. I got STD bearings and rings. 
is it bad to paint my engine Ford blue? I think the Pontiac blue I’ve seen is ugly. 

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2 hours ago, datzenmike said:

Your truck just avoid purple it triggers some people.

Yea I ask because I want to take it to a Datsun meet in LB but don’t want to get clowned on for Ford blue and black valve cover. 

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I think the air filter is Pontiac block blue? Can't go wrong with black block.... goes with everything. Nissan also used a gold color on the block. Leave the head and valve cover as is but clean.



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