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4x4 slip yoke lubrication


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I don't think the original ones had them but they have probably been replaced, those might have them if someone spent the money for the good ones.


Multi purpose chassis grease, same as used on the ball joints.

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Put an 85 shaft into my 84, both had fittings at slip yoke, also u joints. Looked like original equipment. Had tp grind down the standard grease gun tip to get into the u joints.


I worked in a transport shop for a few years, part of the job greasing trucks. Anywhere from 30-70 fittings depending on the truck and it's size. Rule of thumb- anywhere two pieces of metal meet and there is some kind of movement built in there should be a grease fitting. Some of them were his pretty well, but they were there.

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The factory service manuals shows no lubrication points at the U joints only to inspect every 30K. Like I said after 35 years they were probably replaced with the good ones.

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