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Continuous beep while car is off.

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I have nissan maxima I believe it's a 2012 with pushbutton start yesterday went to the store and came home all is well except the fob wont lock the door I eventually realized the next morning when the battery was dead (and I charged it) that the car is emitting a continuous rapid beep even after the car is completely off and the key has been removed why would this happen? After charging the battery the car will enter the on position but will not turn over and start... any ideas?

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Have you tried disconnecting the battery for 10- seconds to erase any memory? This is the equivalent of asking some one with a computer problem "Did you try turning it off and on?"


How the hell would the car battery be dead from over night?????????????

Is the key fob battery low

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I replaced fob battery and it drained the battery over night because the beeping doesn't ever stop and the ignition button stays illuminated as does the little screen between the speedometer and tachometer stays lit. I havent disconnected the batt yet. I'm not at home so I'm trying to locate the tools here in my parents garage 

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Ok so update is, disconnected batt and it stopped the continuous beeping and start button no longer illuminated however when I attempt to start it doesn't turn over and goes back to the state of continuous beeping. (Yes I reconnected the battery lol)

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Many moons ago, my sister was house.sitting for a professor of one of the top universities in the US, maybe the world as they have overseas studies.


They bought a new Alfa Spider (2 seat sportscar), in Italy, an 80s version.  You buy it there and then drive it as ur rental for vacation and then ship it home, tis cheaper that way.


Anyways, the stupid thing wouldn't start 2-3 days or 2-3 weeks later.   They took it to the dealer...musta been towed in, unless they push started it....guess what caused it to not start?


Seat.belt Interlock...they weren't latched.

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