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Datsun 510 temp wiring issues


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I just ordered the H4 conversion for the headlights...F the Bs...


As for the temp, the saga continues...(until my aftermarket gauge gets here) 

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the passenger side light is used to trigger the H4 Harness. it has to work  but it will trigger at 9 volt


9 volts at all 3 prongs???? there has to be corrosion some where.  Either there is a bad connection or fusses corrosion. You Clean all of them?


with light switch off you not even using the relay and your getting 9 volts at the prongs.  so measure will a Volt meter at battery . battery post then down to the starter lug(is it tight?) then up to the fuse box., one side of the lamps fuses should be 12volts or same as the battery.

 this is simple.

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Thank you for your help. I decided to just run a separate fuse block to run all my new stuff to; fan, running lights, various electronics. High Beams still stuck on probably the relay even after cleaning it and my switch. So I throw yellow fogs in the middle and called it a day. Thanks again for the help


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The hi/low relay will not work if you do not have parking, clearance, marker, license, dash lights. It's the first pull out position on the headlamp switch. Without this working, the relay is not powered and stays in the default position (off) which is hi beams.

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