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Weber Air Filter Cleaning

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I've never had a vehicle with a non stock air filter.  My 74 620 has a Weber on it and just eye balling it, it looks clean, but how often should they be hosed down?  What is the procedure?  Wash in the sink with detergent?  Spray with brake cleaner or carb cleaner? Do they need to be oiled and with what oil?  Thanks!


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Aren't they throw away? Hold a light up inside it. If it doesn't shine through time to change/clean.


I have a reusable 280zx one I spray it generously with WD-40 to rinse clean. The dirt sticks to the oil left on it.


In all my life I've never had a plugged air filter. Tap and shake and maybe 1/2 teaspoon full of dust and the odd bug.

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I just use soap and water and spay a hose inside to out. them maybe spray the K&N filter stuff on there or nothing at all.  it most liley just anti sqeal sprayu as its sticky.


really I hate them and wish they had a throw away replacement like the stock Fram/Puralator type.


just keeps the Bugs from going in there

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Dont use compressed air...tis sort of rough on them.


No carb or brake cleaners.


Soap and water.  


I am not sure about Simple Green. 


There is a thead on here, somewheres about mating your style.base to a "Real" AF housing.  Those K&N filters are really lacking.



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I would use the K&N two-part system (follow the instructions), it's not that expensive, lasts a long time, and cleans really well.... available at all auto parts for like $15.00 

I also used it on foam Uni-Filters for my old 1969 Yamaha 125 MX back in the olden days.


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Auto shop grade nine. My first project was to clean one and no one told me there was razor sharp sheet metal in them. Looking back it probably belonged to a friend of the auto shop teacher Mr. Logaman.There were always different cars in and out getting things done on them. Hear I thought we would be working on the new Street Hemi and doing really cutting edge shit. Washing some mid '50s POS air filter??? next was making a gasket using a ball peen hammer and a hand towel. Fuck auto shop and fuck all of high school..

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8 hours ago, datzenmike said:

Anyone on here old enough to remember the oil bath filters used on vehicles???


I think you are trying to make me feel old. Wait, I think I may be considered old by some standards. I grew up with them. They are good filters......as long as you don't go through rough terrain.



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As recently as the 1980s (old to youngsters) I remember a new Forest Service truck came in the radio shop with an oil bath air filter. Apparently they were specd from the factory for those filters. Im assuming it was due to the amount of dirt roads they travel. I dont know if the new trucks have the same specs for the Forest Service.....

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