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Going racing again, but not in a Datsun this time

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On 3/20/2021 at 6:25 PM, greybeard said:

Nice! brings back memories of my Auto-X days, a Dad and his Daughter ran a sprite in the Cal Club region.


I followed your Jeep build on another forum, so I know this will turn out to be a gem.

Thank you.


Memories are the reason for me building this car in the first place. The memories were fading, and I wanted to make new ones.

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18 hours ago, Ooph! said:


I think that's ride height. Proposed at least.


Camber will be adjusted with custom upper trunnions which are machined offset. Right now I have offset delring bushings in there, but those won't be in the car when it's done.


Caster...isn't really adjustable, but I do want to fab some tube lower control arms with heims at the frame side, which will allow camber and caster adjustments.

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I could have had "Minilites" for about two thirds the cost, but they look so generic. The Revolutions are a much nicer wheel. Lighter too. Ultimately, I think I am going to powder coat them all white. Depending on the final color scheme of the car.


I had to order them direct from the UK as Revloution has no US dealers anymore.


Sheetmetal fab work is all about tools and patience. Some very basic tools like a metal brake and a shear are all that's required. Thanks.

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