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SKF 620 Center Support Bearings: 16mm vs 22mm ???

Cardinal Grammeter

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The parts manual shows one part for all 620's.

RockAuto shows one part for all manufacturers EXCEPT SKF - they show 2 parts:  16mm and 22mm

NAPA also makes this distinction (since they are selling the SKF part.)


Regarding RA applications:

SKF is for 74 to 78

All others:  73 to 79



RA is totally unreliable regarding providing parts that are listed correctly.  Reality could be there is only 1 part or 2 parts.  The SKF parts could both be wrong, 1 wrong,  or none wrong.  Could also be that only the SKF (or one of the SKF) fit correctly.  It's always a TOTAL CRAPSHOOT with RA.


Any ideas what to order? 


I'm thinking Timken is the best quality. 

Info about it is troublesome:  "Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 37251B5000125, 37521B5025"   Again we see the ...B5025 SKF # reference. Might just go cheaper Anchor or DEA/MARMON...






Parts manual shows:


Propeller Shaft


  37521-B5000       1
  37522-B5001       1


From RockAuto there are 2 SKF parts:


SKF HB128050 {#37521B5025} Info
Part image
SKF HB128010 {#37521B5000, 37521B5001} Info
Delay1 Day Delay
Part image
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It appears the 16 and 22mm refer to the thickness of the ball bearing.


I bot the Anchor 8475 which has the following # cast in the rubber:  35722 B5000


Of course I have the wide one and the Anchor is the narrow one.  Hopefully I can get some shims from the local driveshaft shops.


While it looks like the rubber is correct (I have no idea other than pics since mine is totally gone) I'll have to check that fit with some kind of mockup before I press on the driveshaft.


I'll be posting dimensions shortly.


DIMENSIONS:  What is different?


It turns out that both wide and narrow bearings have the same sleeve depth on the shaft end (forward facing.)


So the nut end (rearward facing) will need 6mm of spacers to match the OE wide bearing.


So the question is, Are there enough splines and threads to install the Anchor w/o 6mm of spacers?  


If it does tighten up, the driveshaft will be 6mm shorter and I'll be losing 6mm of yoke engagement of the trans output shaft.


AND the center support rubber will be 6mm closer to the differential and may put unnecessary pre-stress on the rubber when the OD is held by the band.


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I have to laugh, Autozone of all places explain what the 16 and 22 mean:  https://www.autozone.com/drivetrain/driveshaft-center-support?filterByKeyWord=center+support+bearing&fromString=search&isIgnoreVehicle=false


bearing width.


Arghh...   I mean like didn't anyone know this?  (not that I'd pay AZ $135 for one)

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33 minutes ago, Cardinal Grammeter said:

I'm pretty much a train guy too and I had no idea what that track was.  That would be another clue!   LOL

Ya hes not sure, he started talk about different size tracks and letter classification...

O and S was all he said....

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14 hours ago, Cardinal Grammeter said:

A ridiculous amount of spiritual energy and patience was expended creating the bushing.




NOTE:  anyone who can identify that train track will have my utmost respect (!)


Could be the obsolete "OO" gauge which was a little wider than "HO" gauge except in Britain where they just used the scale but ran on HO tracks.

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16 minutes ago, Crashtd420 said:

Ya hes not sure, he started talk about different size tracks and letter classification...

O and S was all he said....


And don't forget the current popular "N" gauge and old and forgotten "TT" Table Top gauges.  The original Lionel trains were "Standard" gauge, similar to current garden train sets.

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If you try to use the thinner bearing you will not be able to tighten your driveshaft all the way down. That's how I found out I had the wrong bearing. When I took the bolts back out there was an imprint of the bearing spindle in the end of the driveshaft. I had to  machine a spacer.

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As I did too.  I wonder why there are 2 parts and yet only 1 in the parts manual.  Nissan parts guy said everything is done win VIN number.


How did you tighten the nut?



The track is a Riverossi style O scale.  It's amazing how much wider the Lionel O-gauge is

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