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410 seats with headrests


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I looked into this both because I wanted headrests and an adjustable back. What was clear very quickly was how narrow the 411 seats are. One donor option that seemed like it might work and not be too modern in profile was the MGB. First generation Honda Civics are also a possibility. As I recall, everything else was just too wide or too incongruous looking. 



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I dont know how much smaller these are compared to the b110s but draker recently fit some late model jetta seats pretty nicely.  Might be worth checking hiss thread in the 1200 section.  Thread is labeled "the pickle".

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When we renovated our 61 FIAT 500D, I couldn't find the passenger seat frame when it came time to do the interior. The original seats are a tubular frame with very thin padding and vinyl covers. When the new FIAT 500 was introduced in 1957 as an entry level automobile that was the next step up from motorbikes & scooters for a society still recovering from the ravages of WWII. They were engineered as simple and light as possible. They're two cylinder air-cooled and weigh about 1000 pounds. They sold for about $1000 out the dealer's door: go figure. 


I rummaged through a couple of junkyards with a tape measure and came up with first-generation Honda Accord buckets. I believe these seats would be from early to mid 1980's Accord. We didn't use the headrests in the FIAT application but the Honda seats look like they were born there in the FIAT. As a bonus they recline. I could get some measurements and/or a pic if needed. I'd be willing to bet that the FIAT is as limited on space or more so than the Datsun.

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Pinin Farina did the body design work on both the FIAT 124 series and the 410 [carried over to the 411 series ], so the early FIAT seats should be a bolt in rerplacement.  410 and 411 Datsuns are often mistaken for FIATs.

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