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Plazmaman Plenum on SR20det question.


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Hi All,

I have a 71 510 with a SR20DET notchtop.  I ordered a plenum top with fuel rail and 750cc injectors.  I compared the plenum with the oem manifold and see the aac valve attached to the oem manifold but NO place to install it on the plenum.  Has anyone done a swap of the OEM manifold for the Plazmaman Plenum?  If so, do you have any pics of your setup or advice on what to do during the install so it performs?  I also noticed there are less inputs for the plumbing.  Waiting for plazmaman, who is in Australia, for some insight, however they wont be available until monday.


Thanks in advance.


Plenum can be found here if you are curious: https://plazmaman.com/product/sr20-s1415-inlet-plenum/ 

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Dude your a dollar short and a day late got mine from Plazmaman and they are the shit. For my FJ20 with billet throttle body as well. You NA or Forced ? Those will be small for Forced. The port provisions will be under the manifold for a clean look.



50356907853_b341500aa9_4k.jpgUntitled by raymond medeiros, on Flickr


Pic of a real engine. 

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