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B-210 Transmission identification


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So I’ve got a 76 b210 with a 4 speed in it. I’ve got to replace the clutch and I’m finding two different clutch kits, one for an 18 spline input shaft and one for a 24 spline input shaft. Is there any way to tell which one I have before I tear the tranny out of the car? All I’ve been able to find info wise is that it seems that it’s either a 60a series or 60L series transmission but I can’t find spline counts for either.

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You want the 18 spline clutch. The 24 spline is for the '76 and up optional 63A 5 speed.


The clutch doesn't care what series transmission is behind it as long as the spline is right. I have your 4 speed listed as a 60 series but the later '79 210 had a 60L 5 speed and the '80 and on a 60A 5 speed.  


The replacement clutch disc for a '76 is  Nissan part 30100-H5200 the pressure plate is 30210-N1600. The clutch assembly is 180cm (7.09") diameter


ALWAYS replace the release bearing with a new one.

As they are only $4, replace the pilot bushing in the end of the crankshaft while the pressure plate is off.


You'll have to look at the flywheel surface. Hopefully smooth, no gouges. A block of wood wrapped with sand paper and circular motions will 'break the glaze' and also smooth any small imperfections. If not sure have it milled to true it up.



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17 hours ago, Draker said:

I’ve used luk on several vehicles with great results.

Me too, been very happy with them.

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