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front frame extension rust repair


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I started working on my 72 510 again and I want to repair the rust in the front frame extension that is down by where the front bumper mounts.  I started to cut just through the first layer.  I pealed it back and saw that there is a second piece that runs on an angle and looks like a reinforcement for the front bumper mount.  I've searched for pictures but can't seem to anything on this spot for repair.  Anyone have pics or suggestions for repair in this area?


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How is the inside frame rail? Just as crusty?

If it were me, I'd chop out all that metal and get a good look at the inside. If the rust is isolated to the outside sheetmetal, I'd just make a replacement part and weld it in. Same goes for the inside piece, although that might be a bit easier if you could find a donor frame rail. It can be fabricated though. 

Do you have a welder, a cutoff disk, and a spot weld cutter?

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Inside frame rail is super clean, both front sides are like this but seems weird to me considering how clean everything else really is.  I do have a welder, cutoff disk and a spot weld cutter and have fix/patch stuff before.  Just reading and searching before cutting it open.

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Good to hear your've got the tools and experience. I'd just start chopping and never look back. 🙂   


Just make sure the actual rail is good, otherwise it gets a little tricky. Make sure the sway bar mount is solid and the tension rod pocket is good. If it's just the wheel well tub down to the frame rail, I'd just start removing all of that then get a good look inside and go from there. I bought a cheap ebay bore scope to look inside areas like this.

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It's a common area to rust, cuz sandwiched metal with no sealer etc on the inside.  Once you patch it up, figure out a way to soak the inner cavity with paint or a rust inhibitor!


KlassicFab JDM (kfvintagejdm.com) is currently  releasing more & more patch panels for the 510's.  His website is NOT current, but there is stuff listed.  He usually advertises on the various Facebook Datsun pages.  He hasn't really considered this particular panel, however he will now.  For production, he 3D scans, creates the tooling & STAMPS his panels (go to KlassicFab.......not JDM......to see all of his air cooled VW panels!).  Pre-production, he has HAND FORMED a number of Z car panels for us & they are really nicely done.  Best example was the 70-78 Z lower front fender patch.............the current Tabco produced panel, sold by all of the Z specialists, is horrible, so he had his guys hand form two pairs for us & they were MILES better than the Tabco crap!  He is currently creating the tooling on these, so will have available soon.  I believe he has already released the 510 lower front fender panels.


Bottom line, he said he could hand make some of these 510 frame rail panels for you if you would like!  Give Gerson a call at 561-747-4800 or send him an email sales@klassicfab.com!



Denver CO

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Yenpit thanks for the contact, if I can't make these patches I will definitely reach out to him for some.


A few more pictures


The piece with the nut is the piece sandwich in the middle.




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thanks for posting the details. I think most of the Datsun sheet metal is 1mm. That looking mighty clean inside! Great to see.



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