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Brake clunk

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On my '86 720....I'm not sure that I have enough data, but here goes.  When I step on the brakes, there is a clunk.  It sounds like the shoes are grabbing the drum and turning till they hit something thay stops them.


That said, I took both drums off and didnt find anything wrong.


So, maybe it is in the front.  I will continue to watch it.


Also, I think, that the 1st time that I put on the brakes, that the pedal is lower...not much, .5-1" and that it only seems like it does it the 1st tme that I step on the brakes after they havent been used in 10 minutes or more.


I do not notice anything else about the brakes....they appear to work just fine.

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Are the lug nuts on tight?

When the brakes are applied everything on the hub and connected to the hub wants to move to the rear as the truck moves forward. I would raise the front and wiggle everything suspension related. Don't be shy, lean into it. Visually look for worn bushings and anything on one side that doesn't match it's counterpart on the opposite side.



Are the lug nuts on tight?

Take the drums off and look for broken hardware like a return or anti rattle spring.

Again the entire rear axle wants to move to the rear when the brakes are applied. Are the U bolts secure and tight?


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if you have it off again check the adjusters are too loose. mounted to the back plate.  they are designed to move but have tention on there and not loose where it moves backing up then going Fwd moving and then binding

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Good point. Half way through the '81 model year self adjusters were introduced but they can seize up because "self adjusting' and no one checks them. 

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