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Datsun Roadster Suspension Help?


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Just bought a 1966 Datsun roadster roller with an SR20 engine and 5 speed. Looking to upgrade the suspension. Would like to go independent rear suspension. It's been suggested to use the RX7 gen 1 rears.

Anyone know of someone who builds or sells kits for upgrading the suspension?


The 311 Forum mentioned a Lou something from Australia, but it was a 8 year old post. Not sure if he is still in business.192.168.o.1 tp link login


Thanks in advance...

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Gen 1 rx7 is a solid axle.  It is a great axle but its not irs.  Duncan has one on his 510 wagon.  Narrowest irs that would potentially offer an actual upgrade in performance is a miata.  Its about 6 inches wider than the roadster.


Check out Bob3's Misinformation build.  Its a miata swapped 411, which frame and size wise is very similar to the roadster.

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1 hour ago, Lockleaf said:

Gen 1 rx7 is a solid axle.  It is a great axle but its not irs.  Duncan has one on his 510 wagon. 


Actually, I do not.  I'm pretty sure Just Joel does, but not 100% sure.  I recall seeing that swap featured on Michael Spreadbury's site a long time ago.  I don't know the name of the site, but shouldn't be too tough to find.


Edit: I remember it was Spriso Motorsports was his company's name..



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