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KA swap connector identification


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Finishing up the wiring on my 72 510 KA swap s13 harness.  I can’t figure out what the black plug on the right in the pic plug goes to.  The FSM labels this and another plug as the f30 plug which both say ignition coil.  There is only one connection on the ignition coil which fits the other plug labeled as f30 perfectly.  If anyone knows where this goes let me know.  Thank you so much guys.



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3 hours ago, datzenmike said:

If no CAS then you must be going to run it with a carburetor(s) and a distributor?


I meant to say crank position sensor which would be located on the bell housing on s14 KA.  But after writing that I quickly realized that would not be the case because everything I am using is s13, i was merely running through my head everything that came on a stock KA that I would not be using, but obviously not applicable in this case.  Thanks for the reply though, any idea what the connector is? i am leaning towards a ground, the wire connected to it is black with Silver?/White dots, but obvioulsy not just going to ground something that i don't know what it is.  or if someone can tell me where the engine wiring diagram in the fsm is that would be helpful to i cant seem to find it.

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58 minutes ago, Draker said:

I think it attaches to the coil bracket as a ground or something? Been a while since even walked past my in progress swap.

You are correct sir! after looking at pics of stock 240sx install there is a little ground clip on the bracket, I will ground this, thanks you!

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