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Tachometer - current (2020) directions/possibilities/etc?


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Howdy Ratsunners... I'm looking to install a tachometer of some sort to my dime. While factory would be awesome... I don't really care... just something not cheezeball (no wall clock sized tach, for example). What's the current best way to go about something like this? I've only found a few factory tachs around, and they're crazy money (understandable... but still).



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There were 3 510 tachs though the first two were only different by the color of the needle. The earliest and rarest were white needle and all others were orange. The first two were inductive two wire with the tach in series with the points and coil, while the third was a single wire connected in parallel directly to the coil negative terminal.


Otherwise any cheap but suitably sized after market 4 cylinder capable tach will do clamped to the steering column with a large hose clamp.

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They make little digital ones that run on 4 stroke motors that are interesting as well for a smaller subtle answer. I have always wanted to punch out the center of where the tach is supposed to go and sink in a small tach, but have not found one that I liked to do that with.

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Buy a small aftermarket, install on passenger side of speedo cluster where the dummy lights are.  Few years ago, I found a name brand aftermarket, small enough to fit the INSIDE circle of the dummy light pod, thus saving the dummy lights.  Some careful measuring & cutting, fit great!  Sorry, can't remember brand!

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I did exactly what aaron datsun and yenpit describe on my 510.  I used a stock nissan 720 tachometer (round version) to do so.  I also used the 720 gauge bezel lens to make a cover.








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19 hours ago, shaddai said:

If only this car had a limiter... of course that still wouldn't tell me where I'm at in the rev range...


Valve float then.  🙂 

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