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Just a little mock up, doing an experiment and coating the whole print in fiberglass resin to see if it stiffens up the print. Also makes for a smooth sandable surface for paint.


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Oh crap! I ran out of crap to talk on the rest of the interweb. I saw that I had updates on Ratsun and decided to comment. Little did I know, the skibert was back with the project that I keep hearing rumors about!  Good to see you back in the game! I bet you're better funded than I am after a long time away.

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Decided to go megasquirt. so while I wait, made up a mount bracket for some LS coils. Because with MS there's no reason not to go coil packs.


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On 1/6/2021 at 9:11 AM, Skib said:

Bit weak since the AFRs are still all over, but had a bit of a laugh with it anyway 😂




I'm jealous of your weak burnout. 😆


And I applaud the switch to MS. When I stop moving house and get my garage back, my 510 is getting a microsquirt. Had one on my last car and LOVED it. Which ECU are you using MS2?

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Going to MS seems to be a universally recommend switch from the 40 year old stuff lol. Going to be running MS2 V3.57



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Have still been working on the Z


but also still doing a lot of waiting, I ordered my MS and harness in Dec which was meant to have a 4-6 week lead.... and still waiting....

I was going to leave the body just sorta ratty and run it, buuuuut... I found some rust that was worse than I thought...



and if I have to fix that I may as well do body work and paint it, even though I was trying to avoid that.

so blown apart again it gets...







Finally found where I stashed my original HKS Super that needs some clean up and fixing.



coming along so far...



Its missing the trumpet horn, but I found one for sale in japan marked as "Junk" but had the horn

so there goes 10K yen because who knows when Ill even find another one lol



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Ouch, that's no fun. Hopefully the underlying structure isn't too bad, the outer skin shouldn't be too bad of a patch.

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