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Yesterday, I recieved 2 picture messages from an unknown #.  A partial side view and grill of a 510.  Looked in decent shape, aside from the heap of wet cedar boughs on the hood.

(Currently my daily driver is a little red 76 710 in a small town)

So I replied "where is this + who is this"

Answer comes Back that it's in my little village of 300.  (We live super rural - there's all kinds of hidden properties)

Well.  "What do you know about it? Is it for sale?"


Going to look at the 510 this morning! It is for sale, in running condition.  It was the guys mother's car - and he's not interested in it.  


Did I win the lottery?

Let's find out...


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Not much on the 510 that will help your 710 but if in poor condition there are parts that can be parsed out to keep other 510s on the road. If salvageable, someone should get to enjoy owning it.

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Then it's called an HL510 or better yet an A10 to reduce any confusion. This is a 510 in name only and nothing like the '67-'73 PL510.


As it is an A10, much of the drive train will fit the 710 including the transmission and differential, though the gears are not very exciting. It will have the desirable EI (electronic ignition) distributor and an internally regulated alternator. Lots of good parts on this car 

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