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Need some help with my 1967 datsun pickup

Lee w Stevens jr

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On 11/1/2020 at 9:56 PM, Lee w Stevens jr said:

I need to know which wires go to the alternator which wires go to the coil cousin negative still on but the positive wire broke off the coil and there's a couple wires is lying around I got the ignition rekey the doors rekeyed it's a 3-wire ignition so can't be much to it I'm just not too sure about it


Get a $3 test lamp. Clip the alligator clip to ground and anything you touch with the probe will light the bulb if 12v is present. You should have one of these anyway, they are invaluable for tracing power or grounds.



One of those wires will have power with the ignition on. This will connect to a ballast resistor, a small rectangular ceramic thing with a terminal on each end. The wire on the other end will go to the positive terminal on the coil.

Another wire will have power only when the ignition is in the start position. This wire goes directly to the positive terminal of the coil also.




Black is ground and bolts to the alternator case

White/Red stripe is the power output and bolts to an insulated terminal on the case.

The other two wires have a plastic plug and can't be plugged in wrong.

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