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Goodby Sean I miss you already.

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When I was 14 I hitch hiked 6 miles and  slipped in twice to see Goldfinger when it came out. Back then R rated I think Or 16+. From Russia With love was second favorite. Dr. No. Wow I thought soooo type cast but if anything he did even better later on. After Sean stopped being 007 I stopped watching them till much later and missed most of the Daniel Craig ones. Daniel Craig has got to be the next best 007 ever. Those 'other guys' were so pooffy. To be Bond you have to be smooth, gritty, and at the same time slightly vicious. Roger Moore was terrible as JB. Worst ever.


Greatest cameo was Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Saw this when it came out and the audience went crazy.


Saw Hunt For Red October while unemployed. It was during the week at a cineplex in the middle of a heat wave. My wife and I were the only people in the theater. We only went because it was air conditioned and.... Sean Connery. We had the whole place to ourselves and were shouting back and forth.


My work partner and I could almost carry on a conversation using Sean Connery quotes. Yesh



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That’s a bummer, one of my favorites. I’m a kid of the 70’s .. Connery, Micheal Cain, Gene Hackman and Eastwood my favorite actors. I’ve obviously never met any of them but I’d really like to have a beer with any of them.. RIP Mr. Connery !!

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Such a consumate professional,despite the initial thought he'd be forever typecast as Bond, he came out swinging with a lot of roles some close ish to his old role but many not.


His range was solid for a male lead even when older. 


I loved his roles in Hunt for Red October,The Rock,Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade ,Robin Hood,First Knight and Highlander.



Rest in Peace Sir Sean. 




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