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ISO: 63a Transmission


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1 hour ago, datzenmike said:

Try here... https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-datsun-parts/


The 210 (B-310) had 60 series speeds. The '79 was a dogleg shift pattern and the '80 and on were regular H pattern. Most of these were scrounged by MG owners.




'78 B210 hatchbacks also had the 63A dogleg. This seems to be the most common source too. 


I've heard, but not been able to confirm, you could actually get it as an option in earlier years. 


Note for OP: the 63A transmission uses a different and specific clutch plate and a different driveline (same as B210 auto or 510 sedan). It has the larger spline output as it is basically a converted L series transmission. If this is going into a vehicle with a H145 diff such as a 1200 you will either need to find a '74 B210 auto driveshaft (unsure if 1200 auto driveshaft uses same larger spline- I believe it does but not positive) or swap the center of the diff (or whole diff) to a H150 and use a '75 or later B210 auto driveshaft or 510 sedan driveshaft (better and easier to find).


If you already have a 63A transmission and are looking for a replacement you could with some difficulty mind you, use an L series 63A transmission and swap bellhousings and have the end of the pilot rod reduced in size for the smaller pilot bearing (might be able to swap bits around too depending on what you have).

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8 hours ago, datzenmike said:

April '76 was the earliest availability of the 63A. Only the DX coupe (2 dr hatchback) got them.


That's what I vaguely remembered but glad to get confirmation and yeah I actually have the resource material to look it up but lazy.


7 hours ago, datzenmike said:

That's what I heard but the GX is a trim level isn't it. I only have sedan 2 or 4 door ad coupe, Can, Calif. or Federal, 4, 5 or automatic to choose from. DX is delux??? Maybe the GX is the delux???


Yep, GX did not mean 5spd necessarily. However, it did seem many of the GX trims did come with the 5 spd and I believe only the hatchbacks got the GX trim. 

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