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It's been a bad and good few weeks for my truck


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So it's been a...... Fun few weeks for my datsun. About 6 weeks back, my truck was broken into and vandalized. Someone yanked out some wires causing a short and smoked about 6 feet of wires.


Now, while if I ever get my hands on this creep, either he or I will end up in jail. Since this, it cause a sort of chain effect of other wires failing. Silver lining, it is forcing me to finally do my much needed rewire job.


8 started with my fuse box.



This is the condition my fuse box was in for 9 bloody years of driving. I'm honestly stunned the damn thing still was working. I don't think fuses are supposed to be structural.


I've rewired a ton of the interior so far. And created a custom bracket for the gauges.


I know one bezel doesn't match. I will be repainting the bezels to match.


The electrical gauge is acting strange. Just hooking up the power, and nothing to the sending unit mount, it's showing max temp.


I've replaced all the dash lights with led. Lights them up lovely and bright.



For those who don't remember, this is the old girl. I do love this truck. 

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