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1992 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R

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Got a lead from  Chriss a  Datsun buddy on a Pulsar that was about to go up for sale.  It was his neighbors car and had been sitting a few years due to wiring issues.  My Datsun buddy Chris thought of me due to it having wiring issue.  haha I told him I would have a look at it.  He said he was sick of it.  After driving Sam's Pulsar I sure wouldn't mind having one, so I drove down and checked it out.  The owner said he bought it from RHD Specialties and Drove it for a couple weeks and before the battery wouldn't stay charged.  He paid a shop 1200 bucks to install a new alternator which didn't fix the issue.  Not sure how many of you guys are of the era when the SAFC2 was a common add on but this car had one.  I adjusted it to show voltage and it showed the alternator working.  ( Yes Hainz I brought my multi meter, since I didn't know if would have a SAFC2).  I took it for a test drive and it drove fine.  Some boost cut but it was almost out of gas.  Sam told me it's a common issue. So I made him an offer and drove it home.  He told me I was crazy driving it that far but I wasn't worried.  Also I have AAA so if things go south I will just get it towed home.  Stopped and filled the tires with air and got some gas.  


This is how it looked when I showed up.  Mint for its age.  Some dings but zero rust and no cracks in the dash.  




Every mod is 2000 era, SAFC, Big wheels, Front mount IC, fancy grounding kit.  


Since I've had a bunch of SR cars on a new engine I always pull the pan and check for debre and pound the pan out beyond flat so it doesn't oil starve.  O wow did I find some goodies.  It turns out the PO somehow lost the dip stick and replaced it with some random dip stick from pick and pull that was a foot too long and didn't even seat in the dip stick tube properly.  This allowed oil to come out, and wouldn't you know it spray onto the alternator....  So this extra long dip stick was so long infact it went under the crank and acted like a whip hitting the oil squirter until the tip broke off and it was 3 threads from falling out!  This would have killed the engine.  SO SO glad I pulled the pan!!!!  Luckily I have a stock pile of SR junk and found an minty oil squirter.  I had to pull the mid pan to install it.  Not to bad on my new lift.  





Not sure what the spring is from.  I never figured that one out haha.  It could have been in my drain pan and I just didn't notice it.  I accidently dropped the oil pan when I was prying it off the engine.  Luckily it landed in my oil catch pan.  






The wiring issue was pretty simple.  At the time Sam also had a pulsar so at work I had him pop the hood on his so we could do some test.  Not that we needed.  When you connected the battery with the key off you could hear a relay click, two in fact.  It had a cheesy after market steering wheel.  Somewhere along its life the horn got stuck down, the fix was to unplug the noise maker not fix the stuck switch.  Like every JDM car I've seen it had a aftermarket horn setup. It had the factory relay and an added relay making the power draw over 1 amp with the key off.  Later I removed an alarm, added horn harness, ground kit and more. 







Before and after the cleanup.  








After all that I thought I had a minty daily.  Not quite.....  They made 230HP stock, this in turn with worn out motor mounts and old radiator hoses allowed enough flex to crack the lower rad hose.  Being the Datsun guy I am I shorted the lower hose and hooked it back on.  The next day it cracked in the same spot haha.  SO I ordered new hoses which took forever to show up.  That fixed that problem though!!  





Parked next to Sam's pulsar which days later was stolen out of my driveway 😞 he had full coverage at least.  





So it has a burning oil smell at stoplights.  I tracked it down to the rear output seal fling oil into the tunnel which drips onto the exhaust.  I bought that seal and the front main because it leaks too.  I haven't installed the front main yet.  Ran out of time.  I want to do it while the auto parts stores are open so I can get a new belt too.  








Someone along the ownership busted the guts out of the CAT.  So installed a new one.  You're welcome environment!  





Pretty much everything on the car that's been touched needs to be re done correctly.  When installing a short shifter they didn't reinstall the shifter boot all the way!!  Like really guys...  



My boy loves it!!! 



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Fixed the fuel smell issue!  Turns out the PO mounted his stereo amp to the trunk floor with zip screws.....  5 of them went into the fuel tank.  When the amp/sub was removed I had direct holes from the tank into the car.  Took a few hours over a couple days to get it fixed.  Sure it much nicer to drive without the stink.  


removing rear suspension.  AWD=pain in the butt to remove the tank! 





Used my lift table to remove the rear suspension.  Being a junk collector sure pays off!  











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Out!  Non ABS car so I didn't have to remove the wheel speed sensors which I heard isn't easy.  





Pulled the tank and found this.  5 screw holes!!!  






Turns out the trick to sealing a plastic tank is to use a soldering iron.  Worked like a champ!!





Welded up the holes in the body. 






Spark arrester I wanted any weld buildup on the top since there is room. The tank pushes against the floor.  





epoxy over the welds.  Just incase something else on the tank leaks.  Don't want the stink coming in the car. 





Dirty exhaust needs some polishing.  




All back together!  What a difference! 





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I been craving one for a long time never had the funds to buy one even less today.  Its a killer little pocket rocket.

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