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Lazy man's OEM air cleaner for Webber on an A14


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I know I should make a nice inner plate and a bridge over it to hold the cover, but I just didn't have the time but still wanted to get rid of the Webber air cleaner.

You have to pound the center pretty flat and dish it down a little to get the air cleaner high enough to clear the top of the fuel bowl.

It worked pretty well, I decided to try to get it a little flatter so broke out the stud-gun to reduce the warping but that's not necessary to make it work at all.

So, I'm not proud of it, but it works:








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It allows the use of the ATC (auto temp control) and inside the housing is a air bleed sensor that compensates for an over rich idle when under hood temperatures are extreme. The ATC also allow you to duct cold air from in front of the rad. Weber air filters do not.

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I wanted the option of hooking stuff up, reduction in intake noise, and a more stock look.

When I first did it, the idea of being stealth enough to get by smog was not lost on me. 🙂 

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One main reason to make a new center section is if the air cleaner hits the hood. On some cars/trucks, the stock air cleaner has a raised center section just for that purpose. If yours clears the hood without it, then don't worry about it.


Here is the air cleaner I modified for my 320.




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