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New guy in MD with a '71 510


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hey guys! so im picking up a '71 510 today that's a roller and mostly rust free... .here in maryland. i know these things are getting harder to find and especially rust free! 
well, i shouldnt say all that.... this has rear quarter rust, but the right side has been cut out and a new quarter has been installed but needs finishing. the left side still needs to be done. thankfully i have a samurai and between my body tech buddy (about 12 years exp) and myself we feel confident doing the body work the right way... with metal and not bondo. 

it's a roller, with weld on perches up front and eibach spring. looks like it's been s13 hub converted on all corners and currently has s13 240sx wheels

my plans for it would be to put a k24 in it. i just finished my first gen rx7 a few months ago with a f20c from a totalled s2000 i picked up and it's an absolute riot. going turbo on that this winter. i have a '91 skyline GTR as well with a PT6266 single on it making around 550whp and im building a 2jz model a ratrod
we have a larger garage (10 car inside, with overhang behind it for another 6 cars), a 2post and 4post lift, i have my tig welding certs, we have a tig and mig welder and about any tool we need for fabrication needs. im running haltech in my F20c rx7 and GTR, i'll probably stick with it for this

i'll see if i can get some pics uploaded


feel free to hmu if you're in Maryland too. im on IG as: Sh00bs 
I think im honestly bigger into motorcycles than i am cars tbh... do a lot of buying selling building and racing them too. sigh. everything costs too much money now a days

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  • 6 months later...

welp i ended up just flipping the 510. pulled $1200 out of it and didnt do a thing... meh

yesterday however i did score a '78 620! see pic
i actually plan on keeping this one lol 


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  • Location:Pasadena, MD
  • Cars:F20c '85 Rx7, '91 R32 GTR, '71 510, '93 Samurai, '30 model a Tudor ratrod project


 time to change your profile to exclude 71 510 and include 620 truck 

or wait about 6 months to see if this one gets kept 

I also dont see a pic of the truck 

welcome back for your second post

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do i need a 5post count to be able to post a pic or do i have to just use the insert image from url johnson? 

cars updated. the 510 was ROUGH, didnt put it for sale... dude man hit me up on IG asking what i would sell it for. i joking said X amount and he said okay cool paypal work? and just like that i made some easy money doing nothing and flipped a rough condition 510. 

welp pulling a trailer with my suzuki X90 and Samurai was getting old, so i was kinda looking for a truck... then this guy popped up on CL. ive always wanted one, so i hoped on it! i'd rather not upload pics to imgur or something just to link it here... maybe at 5 or 10 post count i can directly upload pics to here ? 

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First time posters usually include pictures of their rides. They don't ask they just do. If you can't upload pictures to imgur and post them here, how you going to own a Datsun?

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it's more so i'd rather just not make a imgur or alike account to link images here. not tryign to be that guy but is not uploading them directly to the forum not a thing like it is on other forums ? 
#afewfucksgivenrx7 is the usual tag to show rx7 pics 

im at work you see, and imgur wants to txt me a code to enter, but i cant have my phone at work so im over here liek -________- 

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yeah.... that isnt on my computer. im at home now on a laptop, still nothing. weird.
maybe i have to hit 5 or 10 posts ?

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Alternatively if you have a picture posted somewhere else (facebook or whathave you) you can right click the image, copy image address and post with IMG tags

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rusty old 510 is a good one to get rid of 😀

sounds like you picked up a decent truck 

5 or 10 one line posts and see if it changes 

might be the 4 mb limit causing the problem 

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Nah the option isn't even there for me... really strange. On my phone now, no attachment option either, just an insert image from url at the bottom and that's it

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9 hours ago, Sh00bs said:

Nah the option isn't even there for me... really strange. On my phone now, no attachment option either, just an insert image from url at the bottom and that's it

when you click on reply to topic 

in the bottom left corner it will show a paper clip 

above that is says something then choose files 

if you click on choose files you should be able to load pics from your phone or computer 

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It’s there .. click that box “insert image from url”. and paste link into box then ,, add to post.  You can add like 10-15 pics at a time 


your oics 








and there you are 





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yeah i know "insert image from URL" is there, but the paperclip attachment to upload directly to this site IS NOT there. if it is, please circle it on my screen shot?

insert image from URL only allows me to post a link, which i did... no paperclip, sigh


here's my rat'd rx7 for anyone that might care



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Ahh ok .. I read some of your other posts ^^ up there and see what you’re saying .. 
   I guess the almost old person in me would ask...  Why can’t you post pics anywhere but at work? 





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