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Troy Ermish Front Chin


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I have taken delivery of my Troy Ermish front chin spoiler which I am very pleased with. I am looking to mount it next weekend, however does anyone on here have one that can show me the chin mounted on their car. I can sit it nice and flush along the front of the valance but the corners sit proud of the car where the front wing joins. If I angle it down so its flush at the corners, its too steep and creates a small gap across the front. I am happy with it but just wouldn't mind seeing how others have it fitted. Thanks in advance.




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Sorry, I don't have pics, but hopefully my .02 is welcomed. I have a Hakosuka spoiler that was gifted to me so I'm going to try and make it work.  I'll need to trim the center of the mounting line for it to sit flush and no matter how I mock it up, it looks to me like the only way the mounts will work is if the spoiler is pointing more towards the ground which pretty severely limits ground clearance on my already very low car.  


ultimately it's personal preference, with that said I think it also depends on which spoiler you have.  The BRE seem to flow a bit better if it's mounted in a way that leaves the bottom edge close to parallel with the ground vs my hako spoilers being more perpendicular. 

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Yes maybe, but I am focussing on other things for now and she will have a bare metal re-spray this time next year. 40 weber side drafts next and fitting the new windscreens rubbers with chrome beading once the rubbers arrive from Baz at Datsport. Plenty to do.

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