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alternator light glows lightly


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i noticed the other night my alternator light had a slight glow to it.It initially went ot after i first started the truck.i was driving at night when i noticed it.i checked the voltage with a volt meter and it checked out at 13.82 .any help would be greatly appreciated.

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its a replacement alternator.the headlights were off when i checked it with the voltmeter i will chech it again tommorrow with the voltmeter on.i wish it was a local place that rebuilt alternators and starters in my area. there used to be 2 plces within 5 miles of me that did it. they both have gone out of business. the owners retired and their kids didn't want to take over the family business.one guy family had been in business for over 30 years.just wished their kids knew what they had.

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Most 70s/'80s cars are 50amp just like the 720. Later '80s started going higher output but most need the wider serpentine pulley to prevent slippage and the plug has changed. Had an '89 240sx KA 80/90 amp. alternator on my old 710 sedan. At present I have a 2002 100amp on my 710 wagon. Pulley swapped right over and had to grind the mount for fit.  

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If the charge light is flickering or giving a glow when it shouldn't chances are that the brushes are worn.  They're too short for the spring to make good contact with the commutator; I think I found replacement brushes listed at O'Reilys.

Easy fix with a soldering iron, while it's open put some moly grease in the rear needle bearing and burnish up the commutator in the lathe.

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I've driven through water the the charge light comes on then fades and goes out as the water is squeegeed off the brushes. I've even pulled the brushes out of spare Nissan alternators and swapped them in. I never throw stuff away. 



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