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racing engine , help ?

butter fingers

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Is the cable jammed or is something else holding it open?

I had this kid named Justin call me one day, his 1985 Nissan 720 truck was in a parking lot very close to me with what appeared to be a revving issue, he could not drive it that way, I got my flashlight and tools and headed over there, he showed me it rev all by itself when he started it, I don't remember for sure what carb it had at that time but I think it was stock as it was using the stock air filter housing, so I checked the linkage out and it was fine, this guy drove it like he stole it every time he drove it(like me when I was a kid), I next took the top of the air filter housing off and looked down the carb, the primary looked fine, but the secondary looked like it was slightly open, when I looked really close there was something between the butterfly valve and the side of the carb housing holding it open, I used 2 screw drivers, one to hold the crap in place and the other to open the butter fly valve, once I got it out the engine ran fine, it appeared to be hard insulation or the like from the air filter housing itself, somehow it got sucked into the carb and got jammed in there.

He later put a Weber on it, lowered as low as he could get it, then on a rainy day he wrecked it by rear ending someone, it destroyed the front of that truck.




I then built this with that frame/chassis/engine/wiring harness.



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Wayno , you do great work ! my problem  got resolved for now . i could find nothing wrong except a bare wire was exposed to the 6 wire plug  (feed back carb ) could that wire grounding out been my problem ? after 2 times having the reving issue i am hoping it does not return . PS , yesterday i had to check out a full-on ST that is for sale 2 miles from my home . a 4x4 like my truck . the guy gave me the key and i surveyed the truck . i handed him back the key after 10 minutes and thanked him for letting me look at it . He was dumb founded that i never even bothered to start it ! in short , a real toilet ! LOL 

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