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Engine Swap to a CA18DET into my 620!

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Looking for information for a CA18DET Swap.  From what it seems all the same issues a KA present in dropping in a CA also does.  The one thing I really want to know is if the KA24DE motor mounts that Redeye sells also work with the CA18DET or will some fabrication need to be done to make my own mounts?  The reason I am going CA is because I found a motor for cheap with all the right stuff and I was going the turbo KA route prior.  The CA just happens to be a much better deal even if it means a bit more fabricating.  



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welcome to the forum, i found this thread from the 510 realm,http://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?t=9693

but i would caution against going CA, parts are hard to find for this motor as most people go SR. if i had to be honest keeping an eye out for a good KA is the way to go. readily available information along with a lot better parts availability. the CA is a neat little motor, but the KA will make more power for less money over the long run.

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The engine side bolt patterns are different between the CA, KA and SR. My mounts would work as far as I know. 

If I had a truck and a CA or possible a set of 200sx CA engine mounts I could design a set.

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