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Cracked egr pipe


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    On my 78 620 That unfortunately still needs to pass smog, I have a crack on the egr pipe. It’s on the straight portion thankfully. Anyone have suggestions on repairing this. I was thinking a sleeve and tighten the hell out of it with clamps. I’ve given up trying to find the correct egr pipe. 



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That sticky sided aluminum muffler tape? Welding would be best.


The pipe must be air tight to keep oxygenated atmosphere out. Exhaust gasses are poor in oxygen as they have been used to burn gasoline. In effect it is inert and just takes up space in the combustion chamber. This reduces the heat produced under certain conditions that produce oxides of nitrogen. There is no EGR at idle or full throttle or during warm up. EGR has no or very very little effect on performance. 

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