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double roller timing chaun


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I know people replace their timing chains but Nissan provided a means to adjust them for wear. I know of no one who has ever worn one out that they can't be adjusted properly. As far as I'm concerned they are bullet proof. They are over kill, over engineered and will last forever and never break. Can't say the same thing for the rubber covered guides and the tensioner though. 


Henry Ford used to drive around to wrecking yards in the 30s and he would ask the owners "what part on my Model T does no one ever come in here and buy? What part never wears out?" They all said the tie rod ends. So Henry goes back to his factory and calls all the engineers in, and he tells then this... "Make the tie rod ends thinner, make them smaller. I'm not paying good money to make something that outlasts the rest of the car". A single roller chain works well enough as proven by billions of KA miles. About the time the chain guides and tensioner wear out it's probably a good idea to change the chain too.

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There is no sense making something capable of 750,000 miles when the rest of the car only lasts at best 250,000 miles. Why not have enough wear to require replacement about the time the guides need replacing? Cost absolutely! Customer pays less and maker makes more and competitive with other makers who use a single row. It only has to last slightly longer than the first owner has it and trades it in.

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