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Anyone recognize the right release bearing sleeve?

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KA24DE/ 5spd,  like a twit when disassembling, I threw the clutch release bearing/sleeve onto a pile of used parts thinking I would just buy new.

Now I need the sleeve again,  I dug through the junk and I have narrowed it down to these two, both Nissan.

The engine/tranny are mounted in the 510 right now for mount placement so can't get to it.



IMG_0338 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_0339 (1024x768).jpg

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The sleeve is related to the clutch used and nothing else, not the engine or the transmission.


From The 510 Realm...


92 mm is the magic number.  From the flywheel surface to the surface on the throw out sleeve  tabs where the fork touches them. +/- a couple mm.  Bolt your clutch on, then measure from the flywheel friction surface to the clutch fingers where the throwout bearing will rest, then compute how much more to get 92. Then choose the bearing sleeve that gives you that.

Works for any L18 - L28 engine with any nissan tranny that bolts right up.


Independently, of the 510 realm, I measured my 710 L20B 200mm PP while the transmission was out and I got 89.4mm so that's pretty close. Not saying my measurement is correct, it was a bitch to geat at. Only saying it roughly agrees with the realm post


Well you'll have to wait till you can pull the transmission off and do some measuring. Measure up from the friction surface on the flywheel (watch out there is a step down in the center) to the diaphragm fingers. Then measure the two collars from the front of the bearing to the two tabs that stick out where the clutch arm fingers contact them. The one that adds to 90mm +/- a mm or two is the correct one.





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Measure both of them from the flat surface they are sitting on to where the rust/dark  color stops.

What size clutch disc you have?



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