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A12 turbo help


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Im looking to turbo my stock a12

Was looking for Boost starting creeping somewhere between 3000/3500rpm and full Boost at 4000ish till 6500

According to my calculations a GT2052 or GT2260 would be a good fit, BUT since Im terrible at math Im here looking for help from turbo guros.

Can somene shed some light please?


Also forgot to add:

Im looking to run 8/8.5:1 compression, EFI, Front IC and Boost around 0.8/1bar when daily driving and 1.5bar on crazier days

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I was looking at the tiny GT12 / GT1241 but not sure my math is any better than yours. I'll eagerly await your progress.

Best of luck.

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In my experience any turbo will work well compared to NA.  Go bigger over smaller.   My Honda buddy used Holsets back in the day on his 1.8L and it hauled the mail!  I'd find something cheap you can easily find a replacement for like. a SR turbo or a modern equivalent.   Do you have the map for each of those turbos? 

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3 hours ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

My friend Brian built his first Civic Si turbo setup with a monster turbo. For fun, he cranked the boost to over 20 psi and the crank tried to exit through the bottom of the block.


Yikes!  I rode in some fast Hondas back in the day that's for sure!  To bad they are FWD.  

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I'd go with any of the SR20DET turbos. Used S13 turbos I've seen for $50-300, and S14/15 $300-500 used or around $800 brand new. Cheap and easy, lots of aftermarket parts and will flow between 180-280 horsepower 

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