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411 Thermostat help!!


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So the 411 has been running like garbage when it's cold.  Much better when it heats up but it was taking forever to heat up. Trying to check of some simple stuff I decided to check out the thermostat and see if it was somehow stuck open.  When i opened up the tower where I expected it to be there was nothing there.  Am I missing something... or is something missing?



Assuming theres supposed to be a thermostat in there, the spring would go down right?  Was expecting to be able to reference the therm that I was expecting to see.  Thermostat I have seems to fit fine but I will need to make a gasket.  



Thanks in advance


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My '74 710 was really slow slow warm. This is the original thermostat...




Use the thermostat cover for a template and grab an old cereal box, I prefer Cheerios but All Bran is ok too. Trace it out


Get a round hole punch from a dollah store. And a pair of good scissors.




Nibble a hole large enough to get the scissors in...




You can make anything. This is the oil pump to timing cover gasket...




My thermostat, oil pump and water pump all have cereal box gaskets.

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Yes it should have a 180F thermostat and spring down so the hot water can get to it. I think it should also have a jiggle valve on the thermostat but you'll have to check. If you don't have a coolant by pass the jiggle valve will do about the same thing.  It allows a small flow of coolant through so the thermostat can sample the temperature. Otherwise the water around the thermostat is stagnant and remains cold. 



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Sure Did help me.  Thanks again Mike.  Although I must confess.  I cheated and bought a sheet of gasket material.....


Dashboard nearly fully functional



New speedometer cable came today.  Last step toward a functional dash.  Get ready for that post....


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I also have a sheet (now) of gasket that I used for my R-1 carbs. They seal with that rubber ring but I wasn't taking chances. The felpro is thinner. Cereal box was for when no time to go into town to get something else and I refuse to be held up by that..

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