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J13 crank pulley seal surface diameter?


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Howdy folks,


Am tired of the felt front cover seal leaking, so want to modify to use a rubber style seal. Does anyone have a J13 crank pulley laying around that can measure the diameter of the seal surface? I'd rather not go through the hassle of pulling the one on the car if possible. Also, there was a thread here (can't find it now) about someone that did a front seal modification on a J13. I think it was for a 520, but again, not finding it in search. They may have listed the seal part number.


Thanks, Derek

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Hey Derek,


You're in luck! My J13 is getting a full rebuild right now and I have parts strewn all across the garage. If anyone else reads this and needs other engine bits measured, I'm more than happy to break out the calipers again.






I may have gone a bit overkill but I hope this helps! Best of luck.

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Here is one thread with the fix you're outlining. Don't see a seal number in this thread:




Here's the page of my rebuild page with similar fix. I will look and see and post if I have the box or the seal number captured somewhere:





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OK, I do not know if the front pulley seal is the same as the E1 engine but I suspect it is if it had that felt one, the oil seal(not felt) needed is NAPA 15807, I have it under "oil seal for E block(front pulley)", this seal is used for a lot of other stuff, I have had this in my wallet for a very long time, this is all I remember, if more info is needed I can ask Ted as I recall that is who I got the number from.

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If you have the felt seal a seal holder will have to be made and soldered or affixed with hardware like the two Ratsun threads that I posted above. I found these numbers in one of my Datsun databases. 


J13 front seal part #13042-B3000 from Nissan?   NAPA seal #15846


Also, I have in the database that the timing cover from MGB and maybe a MGA and other Austin based engines from the early 1960's that use a lip seal might work, but they would probably have different timing mark tabs on them.

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Went out to the shop to see if I had front seal info and picked a box out of the shelf. First box had the seal packaging in it. I save and label everything, new or old, that has to do with the 320.


Here's a scan of the seal that I used. Of course the old felt seal retainer had to be removed (it's soldered into the timing cover), and we made an aluminum cup that the seal pressed into. Damn, can't ya just see some little Jap sitting at a bench all day soldering seal retainers into E1 timing chain covers


The cup was secured to the timing cover with six 'blind' 6-32NC machine screws (don't forget the loctight). Used some sticky icky black permatex as a seal between the cup and timing cover. Pics of the installation are in the 'Mighty Mouse' thread linked a few posts up page.  ^^^


Blind screws used for a couple reasons. Should never get oil seep through the threads and you don't want any hardware inside the engine that is not absolutely necessary. A nut on the back of these could come loose and try to dance with the timing chain. Ask me how I know !!


Seal is SKF L5543 .  It is fairly thin in overall thickness for more clearance. First seal I tried scraped on the oil slinger.



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