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thinking about buying a 67 411?


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I have my eye on a 67, but it does not run and needs lots of parts. Back seat, radiator, tune up parts, hoses, etc.

Where would I get these type of parts; or are they just impossible to find?

thanks for any input....first 411 and I know nothing about these cars:).


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12 hours ago, ]2eDeYe said:

rockauto for basic stuff, but it may take a bit of research for some parts.

Some ingenuity will be required for other parts.


Amen on the ingenuity !  I  have used parts from a Datsun 510, a Ford Police Interceptor, a 455 cu Buick and a Kia Sephia to keep mine running.  For formed hoses I go to a well equipped parts store, bring the remains of my dead hose and visually match up what stock hoses I can cut and splice to fit [even the unobtainable water pump to intake manifold RL411 hose.  It requires among another hose a Buick 455 ci water pump bypass hose.  How's that for mind blowing part ingenuity?].

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Also find yourself a good local home shop machinist friend. Machining/manufacturing was the field that I worked in for almost 50 years and all my old oddball vehicles had adapted/modified parts from cars that were originally manufactured half way around the world on them to keep them going. That was back in the pre-internet days. Everything was by snail mail or telephone. We have it much easier now-a-days.

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