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Rl411 Water pump


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Hello, wanted to ask by any chance anyone has/connections for a rl411 water pump.Or by any chance still have the old one which I’ll be gladly to purchase it from anyone
Cause all I need is the flange and will swap it to the roadster version. Thanks and hope to hear from anyone soon, take care as always .

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Unless you cut the roadster pump's shaft you will have a radiator clearance caution.  Clearance is close [less than an inch]  but with good engine mounts you will survive.  Pinto upper pulley wheels can do the job.  You will have to slot or widen the bolt holes and shim the pulley to water pump flange to align the fan belt.  The round spacer from the roadster dual blade fan should be about right.  A bit of a hassle but it will work without removing and replacing the "spinner" on the water pump shaft.  If you do find a proper RL411 fan spinner I would recommend removing the rear cover and shimming the shaft before pressing the new unit on.  Late model roadster water pumps do not have a decent shaft position lock [wire stopper] so you run the risk of popping the water pump shaft seals [which used to be available from Nissan parts catalog.].  Good luck !

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2 hours ago, Datsun Dude said:

I was thinking about the clearance issue. Couldn't you swap in an aftermarket radiator that was much thinner but would still do that job?


The existing radiator is just adequate to do the job.  A thinner core would over heat. A thicker custom core just might be OK if the added thickness was to the front, not encroaching in the rear.  Leave the  heater valve open for additional cooling in 100 degree weather.

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