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Leaking DCH340....

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My 620 has been sitting  for a year or so. Hooked up the battery and after a little coaxing it fired up. Check under the hood I noticed fuel leaking out of the front of the carb onto the exhaust manifold. Figured out the front float bowl plate was leaking. Took off the pollution crap so I could access the screws that hold the plate. Popped the plate cover and plate off and saw the gasket was dried and cracked. Everywhere I went they had a rebuild kit for the carb but no gasket for the float cover . I pieced together the old gasket and off to ACE Hardware. The gasket circumference is approximately 10.5". A buddy who worked there found an o ring {safe for gasoline} in the general hardware drawers. Holding them together it looked like a match. Lo and behold it fit perfectly in the groove in the carb! The plate was a little tight getting in place because the new O ring.was a little thicker.

I picked up 3 new cap screws to replace the old ones.that retain the plate cover. Fired up the truck and it ran fine for a sec...then gas was flooding the carb! After sitting for a bit the fuel would return to the correct level with the float.

I did a little reading here and sure enough I found there is a small spacer that holds the float in place. I remember seeing it when i removed the plate but as usual it fell out and disappeared....The spacer holds the float in place so it can act against the needle seat. The cover plate holds the spacer in place.

OK where do I find another spacer?

I went to my electrical crimp connectors. A 16 ga spade connector almost fits the shaft. I used an ice pick and opened up the lug a little wider. Cut off the spades and pushed the new spacer on the shaft. Buttoned up the plate and fired it up....Success!

Runs like a scalded dog!

Hope this helps someone else.

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Oh forgot to add after I got it running I noticed fuel leaking from the fuel input banjo connector to the carb. There was a small stream of fuel coming from the base of the connector where it meets the carb. I pulled off the small screen and found a aluminum crush washer. The washer had a small groove in it that was allowing fuel to seep out. I couldnt find a replacement so a used some sandpaper and smoothed out the washer. After reconnecting everything to leak was gone!

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Now that's Ratsun, right there!!!

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It reminded me of my dads stories of fixing a Model A truck with parts a pieces of things they had around the farm...

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