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electric fuel pump options?


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Personally, I'd say run a good mechanical.


On my 720,  I am running an Autozone electric, off the shelf....in the aisles.


But, it putvout to much pressure and I am running a regulator, with gage.



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6 hours ago, Lonewolf1990 said:

That safe to use with a Weber?

The biggest thing with the Weber is you want about 3 psi.....


I used a low pressure high volumn pump from Carter p4070....


It's a rotary vain style.... 

You might need different fittings,  it comes with 3/8 diameter outlets...

Just check the diameter of your fuel line...


I did have to use a pressure regulator because it was putting out about 6psi...


There are 2 outlets so you could actually thread a pressure gauge into the 2nd outlet.... There are others similar and more expensive...

I do find the regulator to buzz a little, I have been meaning to put a rubber insulator pad where it mounts.....


I have been running this setup for about 3 years and 7500 miles with no issue...

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When I put it on, it would put out black smoke at an idle....rich. 


I put a regulator on it.  I made a part....from a hardware store, I got a brass tee, a brass close-nipple, and 2 brass hose barbs and a small gage (about an inch around).


I brazed a piece of metal to the T, and bolted it to the fender-liner 


I plumbed it so the gas went straight thru the tee and the gage was at 90 deg, facing up.


Soooo, it is barb, regulator, nipple, Tee (w.the gage at the 90), barb.


I needed  to add some hose to it,, a few inches.


In the winter, I was running .5#, or 1 # of pressure.  When it warmed up, it would vapor-lock.  So, now I am at 2-2.5#.


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On 8/12/2020 at 2:23 PM, Charlie69 said:

On you 620 is the return line to the tank still in use?  If it is get a 720 pump from any wrecking yard.  Rarely go out, designed to run contiously.  Quietest option or a Facet.


Facet carbed fuel pump


Agree, the best fuel pump made. You will never wear it out

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I like the old Bendex-type pumps.  Low pressure, built-in fuel filter, usually US-made, and flight-rated.

I've manged to score some off Ebay on the cheap.  I see some now for under $30.

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