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OC datsun

1969 Datsun 1600 roadster

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Hi everyone;


anyone know where I can do carburetor overhaul or better yet, I heard on these cars there is a conversion kit available to Fuel Injection system, 


And also need to change the transmission from 4 speed to 5 speed, swap, 


I am in Southern California, Orange County, that for your input, 



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Welcome to Ratsun John. I don't know much about the Roadsters. I think you can (with some work) fit a 720 diesel truck 5 speed to the roadster. It's been done.




Roadster 4 speed at bottom and diesel 5 speed above it. The bolt pattern is basically the same and even the starter is correct.


Roadster bell cut so it could be welded to a cut 71B 5 speed. But it turns out that a diesel 5 speed will bolt up.



 720 SD diesel bell (or front case) to compare the bolt pattern. The starter sits a little higher is all.




Below is a 71B front case from a diesel on a roadster engine. Ignore the rear half.. someone used a 71C but a 71B is similar.




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Ztherepy is who you want for the carbs, they are better than what came on the cars when new, they are not cheap, but you will never have to have them rebuilt again either.



As for the Roadster 5spd, they are expensive, yes you can use a SD series diesel case on a 71B or it appears a 71C also, but find a diesel case before buying the 71B or 71C 5spd, they are getting very hard to find also.

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I think I gave mine away to PPeters and you got the starter.

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V performance sells a Mikuni HSR carbs that mounts to the SU manifold plus has a acell pump.

i don’t know much about them but the British car guys seem to like them.

one needs to know how to make a linkage set up if one is mechanically inclinded

being a smaller motor I would get the smaller set

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