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'69 510 wagon thermostat housing - smog pump compatible

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Looking for resources to purchase OEM or equivalent match/quality thermostat housing that is smog pump compatible.

If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. There are 2 on ebay..... one looks like the exact fit for $85 but not smog pump compatible.

The other is $95 and smog pump compatible but doesn't look like an exact match to mine. Unfortunately, I broke one of the bolts when taking the thermostat cover off to replace bad thermostat.

Thanks for any help!


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I don't think there is anything on any of the L thermostat housings related to the air pump. Got a picture of this 'smog pump compatible' housing???

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What Mike says.Nothing on the thermostat housing is related to the smog pump.I've had five 510's through the years and nothing about the pump and thermostat housing are related.

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I would fix the old one rather than trying to unbolt the old housing. The bolts into the head tend to break off too.... but that's me. 


Heat housing with torch, aluminum expands twice as much as steel.





There were two distinct housings, one with a two bolt thermostat cover and '79 and up that had 3 bolts. Obviously a two bolt won't fit a three bolt housing so be sure to get a matched pair. The later L20B have a by pass fitting and a TVV (thermal vacuum valve) for the EGR. Both holes can be plugged easily enough.


Here's a TVV replaced with a plug



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Still available from your local Nissan dealer.





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